Stefan Björkman - Head Veterinarian

  • Born 1984 in the GDR

  • Graduated as Veterinarian 2012 in Berlin

  • PhD in Clinical Veterinary Medicine 2017 in Helsinki

  • Graduated from the European College of Animal Reproduction 2017 (EBVS - ECAR Diplomate)

  • Docent (Adjunct Professor) in Animal Reproduction at the University of Helsinki


Jenni Björkman - Clinical Manager

  • Born 1983 in Helsinki

  • Radiographernurse at the University of Applied Sciences and YAMK in the degree program in welfare technology

  • Master of Social Sciences (Social and Health Care Information Management) 2021

  • Veterinary clinic Data Protection Officer and Radiation Safety Officer

Sini Merikallio- TkT ELK

Sini has done veterinary substutes in  several municipalities, cities and clinics, from Ylitornio to Pyhtää and Rauma to Juva, and is now stepping on the crew of Pups' Pets as an irregular regular reinforcement.


Sinis particular interest are surgery, as well as geriatric Labrador retrievers. Sinis apple of an eye is Emmi-Labrador, who turns 13 years old. Cats, horses and even exotic animals are also close to Sinis heart.

Prior to the pandemic, Merikallio traveled extensively for further training abroad at various conferences (eg BSAVA, FECAVA, WSAVA, Leipzig and Swedish Veterinary Days), as well as visiting e.g. At Fitzpatrick Hospital in England, as well as UC Davis in the USA. Hopefully again we will soon be able to move more freely and learn, as well as seek influences from the world!

Katja Kasurinen - Clinic Assistant

  • Katja works at our clinic helping  veterinarians and keeping the clinic clean and tidy

  • Apprenticeship Clinical Animal Nurse (2022)

  • Katja has a long experience with dogs

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